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21 June
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and there's only a few things i've wanted to hold onto
one being the color of the sky so blue and every feeling
i've ever felt when i was looking at you.

I sing to my Monsters and think Im a rockstar. Im a sucker for boys playing music, celebrity gossip and Iced Chai Lattes with soymilk. I am the kind of person that loves to sit down and listen to someone. I rather be loud and annoying then quite and boring. I sneeze way to much and I always think I am dying. I love to sing,and play guitar hero. I am addicted to my Sidekick and diet coke. I bite my nails and can be a bitch sometimes. I hate lairs, cheaters, and people who disrespect. I love Project Runway, House and Greys Anatomy. I am not afraid to speak up, or say my feelings. I love to blast my music in my car and sing along. I am pretty darn cute, and pretty awesome.