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27 December 2007 @ 08:08 am
She woke up from dreaming and put on her shoes  
Life has been crazy lately. I have the worst fucking job EVER. I keep burning myself in Cosmo..... and well..... my family is crazy. I had a pretty good christmas. I will not complain about that. But, it was fantastic. I got lots of money and guitar hero. Which has really left my hands. Its sad, how fucking awesome I am at it. Seriously, its sick. I am gonna gain like 50 pounds...... my mother made way to much food and thats all I have been living off of. Mostly spinach artichoke dip, which will ALWAYS be nummy. Now you know how to get into my heart, spinach artichoke dip, Iced Chia Latte with soy milk and Vitamin Water.


I am gonna run off smoke a turkish royal and get fat.

Have a nice day