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30 January 2008 @ 07:22 pm
Here is a rant about being a girl.  
So, I started new birth control this week, right. and I feel like I'm fucking pregnant. No joke, I feel like I have to puke and some smell of foods make me sick to my stomach. Not to mention I have a huge craving for some Milanos and some taco bell. Its fucking crazy. I would totes go get some T-bell and some Milanos but.... ITS FREEZING. So, I am stuck with onion rings and strawberry ice cream. I guess its not so bad.

School has been fucking killer. Who has fucking class when its -20? Seriously. It was fucking stupid. I hope some little kid died and then the laws would change and be like "no school if its -10 or lower" Is it sad that I am wishing death upon a child? Wouldn't that suck if that actually did happen. Fuck, I'm going to hell.