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14 August 2008 @ 05:15 pm
Fucking hell. I never use this thing anymore. I am not sure why.

Life can lick my clit. I'm so sick of men, its unbelieveable. I mean really, I am so sick of being used. I guess, I should clear up some stuff. I have been best friends with Nate for a good 6 months now. From the moment we meet we just clicked and hit it off real nice. I had a crush on him no doubt. One night we decided to trip on acid. We ended up hooking up. I knew that I was going to regret it in the morning, and he told me he wouldn't. But, we would act like nothing ever happen. We both woke up the next day, and the moment I walked into the door he was all over me again. Que sex scene. Then he was telling me how confused he was and shit since he liked me, drey(who is my best friend) and stephiane. We got in a huge fight. Ended up being just friend. A couple of weeks later he is all over me again....... so this progresses to a everyday kinda thing. Its fine its whatever. I go away for the weekend, and I heard he sleeps with this girl Jessica. So I get in a huge fight with him about it, even though we werent dating I still left really used. He apologized and I gave in. Well, I was partying it up with my sister and a few friends the day after he slept with Jess. He calls me up drunk off his ass and goes "Kelsey, I really really really like you and I really like Andrea and I'm fucking Jessica. But, I called Jessica, Kelsey durning sex." All I could do was laugh and fell good. I call up Drey to tell her what Nate just told me but she already knew because Matt Brid told her, right after it happen. Lets fast foward to now. The same shit has been happening. Me and Nate just recently got into a fight and he falt out said he was never going to date me. The day after, he fucks me. Then the day after that and that. I know I am getting used here. But, what the fuck. I think he has to feel SOMETHING or maybe I am just a real doll to him.

Either way, I can't say no to him :[ I don't know why but I always fucking cave.
24 February 2008 @ 06:16 pm
I officially have the trashest fucking family ever. Is it sad to say I am uber embrassed to be around them? I'm not talking about my close family, since they are the coolest bitches you will ever meet. Just my cousins and great aunts, they all have 2-4 kids with all different babies daddys. I feel like I'm on Maury or some shit. Just, WHAT THE FUCK. Fuck this, I am never throwing a baby shower ever again. Fuck that, nor am I going to go one on that side of my family. I can't take it. I ended up smoking a whole pack of cigarettes because I was getting pissed off at them. Swearing all the time, and making sexual comments. Yah, thats okay if you are at home or with your friends. But, NEVER, NEVER EVER EVER, when you are at a baby shower. Ugh, fuck me. Seriously, maybe I'm a bitch or I think I'm better then this town, and these people. But, its time to get out of fucking Minnesota and away with this family.

I'm cranky and I have a major head ache.
30 January 2008 @ 07:22 pm
So, I started new birth control this week, right. and I feel like I'm fucking pregnant. No joke, I feel like I have to puke and some smell of foods make me sick to my stomach. Not to mention I have a huge craving for some Milanos and some taco bell. Its fucking crazy. I would totes go get some T-bell and some Milanos but.... ITS FREEZING. So, I am stuck with onion rings and strawberry ice cream. I guess its not so bad.

School has been fucking killer. Who has fucking class when its -20? Seriously. It was fucking stupid. I hope some little kid died and then the laws would change and be like "no school if its -10 or lower" Is it sad that I am wishing death upon a child? Wouldn't that suck if that actually did happen. Fuck, I'm going to hell.
27 December 2007 @ 08:08 am
Life has been crazy lately. I have the worst fucking job EVER. I keep burning myself in Cosmo..... and well..... my family is crazy. I had a pretty good christmas. I will not complain about that. But, it was fantastic. I got lots of money and guitar hero. Which has really left my hands. Its sad, how fucking awesome I am at it. Seriously, its sick. I am gonna gain like 50 pounds...... my mother made way to much food and thats all I have been living off of. Mostly spinach artichoke dip, which will ALWAYS be nummy. Now you know how to get into my heart, spinach artichoke dip, Iced Chia Latte with soy milk and Vitamin Water.


I am gonna run off smoke a turkish royal and get fat.

Have a nice day
13 December 2007 @ 01:11 pm
Yes, Kelsey decided to get another LJ, I think this might be my 3rd or 4th one. Either way, I miss LJ.
After I had my commuintes and friends, and all that junk, I will start using this.

This is just a RSVP or something like that.